*Disclaimer:  I received a free DecoBoard in order to write this post. This post is written by me. All opinions are 100% mine. You can read my advertising & disclosure policy HERE.

I am an avid menu planner. I have self-proclaimed OCD when it comes to organization & cleanliness, so I am a planner by nature & I ALWAYS have a list for anything & everything. Meal planning is huge for me because I hate to do things on a whim, especially cooking dinner. I like to know what I am making, so I can plan my grocery shopping (which has it’s own list), & then I know what meat to pull from my freezer the night before so it’s thawed & ready to cook the next night for dinner. My menu planning also helps me prepare my blog posts so I can fit them into our regular meal times or busy schedule.

I love the stress-free nature of cooking dinner when it is all planned & prepared for. Up until now I have been using just a piece of paper from a notebook, & then I upgraded & got this little notepad from my mom that has a magnet on the back so it sticks to my fridge, but it’s still not the cutest thing to write my menu on. But then again, I didn’t really care about how it looked until now. DecoBoards Unlimited helped sponsor my group giveaway a couple weeks ago & offered each of us bloggers a free board to try out. Oh man! I was so excited! I knew that I would be using it for this menu board. I probably should have played around the site more because I found out they have these cute Menu Clings. I totally should have ordered one!

Anyway, I ordered the Solid Steel Magnetic Dry Erase Board, picked one of the backgrounds from their gallery (or you can totally upload your own photo–how cool is that?) and wrote out the days of the week with a cute colored font. When I got the board (it took a while, not sure what the hold up was, but it was worth it) the board was shipped really well. They ensured that thing was not going to get broken. I kind of had to work to get the cardboard corners off because they were staple gunned on, for protection, obviously. I was so anxious to get it out of the wrapping, I almost forgot to take pictures!

These boards are absolutely well-made! Like great quality, solid boards. The frame is even kind of antiqued with the edges sanded a little bit (which is hard to tell from the pictures.)  Adorable! It’s almost too pretty to write on, almost. The board came with a magnetic dry erase marker with an eraser on the lid & mounting brackets which were super easy to hammer into the frame right where I wanted them.

Once I hammered my brackets on the back, I nailed some holes in the wall, hung my beautiful board & moved my menu over from my ugly notepad to my cute new board. I LOVE IT!

If you are thinking of a great gift for someone, personalize a board & give it to them, or just buy one for yourself…you know you want to! *These boards are easy to clean too. Just use dry erase marker cleaner & a microfiber cloth or 90% Isopropyl Alcohol. (These instructions are on the back of the board, so you never forget.)