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If you have been with me for a little while now, you know I did a Shirley J product review & giveaway back in May. And if you remember that, you know how much I LOVE their products! So, when they gave me an opportunity to try their cookie line, I jumped at the opportunity.

All of the Shirley J cookie mixes are in adorable half clear bags so you can see the mix inside. Most of the mixes require shortening or butter & water, but that’s it! Easy!

Let me tell you about the cookies I tried. I am going to start with my favorites & go from there. My absolute favorite was the Soft Ginger-Molasses! It is exactly what it states to be: a soft gingersnap cookie. And maybe you are not a ginger-molasses cookie type, but you should be, because these are soft, sweet & have the perfect amount of ginger & spices.

My second favorite was the Coconutty Macarons. These ones you just add water. The texture is what I liked the best about these. They aren’t dense & stringy like if you use coconut flakes from the store, it’s a shorter flake & it’s more fluffy, but chewy & coconutty. These are GOOD! And maybe I am weird or more of an old school-type cookie lover, but these first two were my favorites!

 The Oatmeal Jumbles would be my third choice. I do prefer just a tad more oat-iness to my oatmeal cookies, but these are SOFT oatmeal cookies that you can easily add chocolate chunks or raisins to.

And lastly Shirley J has a no-roll sugar cookie mix which is perfect because I hate cut-out cookies! I think they might have turned out smoother compared to wrinkled had I rolled them in my palm before I put them in the oven like the instructions said….Whoops! Oh & I rolled some of mine in cinnamon-sugar too for snickerdoodles which worked out just fine. The first batch I baked for 18 minutes, like the bag said, but they were a little crunchier than I prefer. The second batch I did 16 minutes & they were just to my likings. I personally like my cookies softer & a little underdone.

So, now that you see all of these fun & delicious cookies to try, who wants to win some?!!!

Just visit SHIRLEY J’s website & then comment & tell me which COOKIE or RECIPE you most want to try & why & then fill out the Rafflecopter with your answer and you can find more chances for extra entries.

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