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Cinnamon brown sugar glaze dripping off of a whisk into a bowl.

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Glaze

This Cinnamon Brown Sugar Glaze is the perfect topping for cakes, donuts, cookies, quick breads, pastries, scones, and many other desserts. Cinnamon Brown Sugar...

Stack of pumpkin gingersnap cookies.

Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies

These soft baked Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies are thick and chewy with the fall flavors of pumpkin, molasses, cinnamon, and spices. Everybody loves a crinkle...

Chocolate chip macaroons on a plate.

Chocolate Chip Macaroons

Chocolate Chip Macaroons elevates plain coconut macaroons with the addition of chocolate chips. Made easy with shredded coconut, sweetened condensed milk, flour, vanilla and...

Spooning berry crisp (aka berry crumble) out of dish.

Berry Crisp

This Berry Crisp recipe (aka Berry Crumble) is easy to make with a triple berry blend of frozen raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries all topped...

Top view of an Oreo cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting on a plate.

Oreo Cinnamon Rolls

Oreo Cinnamon Rolls are stuffed with a dark chocolate Oreo filling and topped with cream cheese frosting. They’re fluffy, soft, and super easy to...

White chocolate raspberry scones on a wire cooling rack.

White Chocolate Raspberry Scones

White Chocolate Raspberry Scones are easy to make with white chocolate chips and fresh (or frozen) raspberries. You’ll love these tender scones for breakfast,...

Strawberry dump cake made with fresh strawberries in a bowl with ice cream on top.

Strawberry Dump Cake

Strawberry Dump Cake is an easy dessert recipe that is a lot like cobbler. It uses fresh strawberries, cake mix, and butter. Just dump...

Variety of fruit and cream cheese kolaches on a platter.

Easy Kolaches Recipe

This Easy Kolaches Recipe is made with Rhodes rolls for the dough and is topped with sweetened cream cheese and fruit fillings. You’ll love...

Chocolate cherry dump cake in a small bowl topped with vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake

Chocolate Cherry Dump Cake is an easy dessert recipe that is a lot like cobbler. Cherry pie filling, almond extract (optional), cake mix, and butter...

Close-up of the best cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting in pan.

BEST Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

This is the BEST cinnamon rolls recipe with a SECRET INGREDIENT in the dough to make them super soft and fluffy. There’s plenty of...

Piece of baked pumpkin French toast with a fork-full taken out.

Pumpkin French Toast Casserole

Pumpkin French Toast Casserole is full of pumpkin and spices with a brown sugar and pecan streusel baked on top. It’s an easy breakfast...

Close up of Caramelitas, aka chocolate caramel bars.


Caramelitas, also known as chocolate caramel bars, are soft, chewy, and easy to make. Melty chocolate and gooey caramel are sandwiched between an oatmeal...