Copycat Olive Garden Salad Dressing

Copycat Olive Garden Salad Dressing

Two years ago I did some copycat Olive Garden recipes for you to make for Valentine’s Day.  I did a variation of Olive Garden’s Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo and Black Tie Mousse Cake for dessert.  Olive Garden is definitely one of my favorite restaurants to eat at.  Don’t believe me?  I have copycat Zuppa Toscana and Chicken & Gnocchi Soup recipes as well!  I definitely used to go to Olive Garden a lot more before I got married and had kids, but honestly, I don’t need to go back.  My homemade versions are just as good and a lot cheaper to make myself.


Olive Garden Dressing2

This recipe is top notch!  Like, I know you can buy the Olive Garden Salad Dressing at Sam’s Club and even Costco, but for those who don’t have club memberships, this is as close as you can get to the real deal!  My husband is obsessed with this dressing and won’t stop asking me to make more.  He can down the whole bottle himself, it’s ridiculous!  Haha.  Next time you have salad, you need to try this dressing!  You won’t regret it!  It might even become an obsession for you like it has for my husband!


Olive Garden Dressing3

Copycat Olive Garden Salad Dressing
Yield: 1½ cups dressing
  • 1 packet Good Seasonings Italian Dressing Mix
  • ¾ cup oil (vegetable/canola)
  • ¼ cup plus 2 Tbsp white vinegar
  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • ½ tsp dried Italian seasoning
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp pepper
  • ¼ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ Tbsp mayonnaise (not miracle whip)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Whisk briskly so that there are no clumps of mayo. Keep refrigerated.
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Recipe lightly altered from The Country Cook


Olive Garden Dressing4


  1. says

    I LOVE their dressing and have tried a few recipes that claim to be a copycat but they don’t really meet the expectation. I’m so excited to try this one! It looks great! Is that just regular white distilled vinegar in the recipe?

    • Amber says

      This one is really, really close. My husband is the Olive Garden salad connoisseur, and he said it’s exactly like the same thing. I don’t get there salad very often, but I do think it tastes just like it too. And yes, regulate white distilled vinegar. Let me know what you think!

  2. says

    I’m not sure I can find the Italian dressing mix here in Canada. Could you give me some hints as to what’s in the mix so I can try to approximate the ingredients? No Olive Garden restaurants around either, so I’d love to be able to make their salad!

  3. says

    I don’t love salad, but for some reason the olive garden salad actually sounds good right now! I think it’s the tartness? Anyway your pictures look amazing!

  4. Lesley says

    I love Olive Garden’s salad dressing! However, I am the only one in my family that will eat it. How long will it last in the fridge?

    • Amber says

      I have been working on my photography and have come a long way in the last year, so it’s great to hear these kinds of compliments. Thank you!

  5. Alan says

    the recipe calls for ‘italian seasoning’ but what is that? just a combination of basil oregano red pepper flakes garlic powder onion powder……..what? sounds like just up the amount of GP already in the recipe etc. does this work out if you just use the GoodSeasons packet and skip the other seasonings?

    • Amber says

      Italian Seasoning is a blend of Italian spices (thyme, oregano, basil, etc). You can find it in the spice section of any grocery store. The extra seasonings really make this dressing what it is, so I wouldn’t leave them out.

  6. Jennifer says

    My husband will eat salad now. He loves this dressing. Mine is never as pretty as yours. I wonder if its the olive oil?

    • Amber says

      I actually use vegetable oil or canola oil. That might be why. Glad your husband eats salad now! This dressing is pretty rockin!

  7. Donna says

    This salad dressing makes a dynamite marinade for chicken. I put the chicken in a bag and pour the dressing over for about 2 hrs. I just used it last night with a Parm. Chicken recipe

  8. Lexi :) says

    Well I tried this and instead of white distilled (we had none and seeing that I’m only 14, I couldn’t go out and get some) I used a 1/4 red wine vinegar and 3/4 was apple cider vinegar and I think it turned out great and was VERY close to OG’s if not identical!

    • Amber says

      YAY! Glad you liked it! And props to you for getting in the kitchen at your age. I loved to cook and bake at your age too, it’s a fun/great thing to learn!

  9. says

    My husband LOVES the OG dressing and I’ve been trying to figure it out now for awhile, thanks for sharing this! Pinning!!

  10. Hayden says

    Amber, this was fantastic! I had a serious craving for this dressing after hours and used your recipe, the best part was that it was all stuff I had laying around! Delicious!

  11. Amy T says

    I made this tonight after work. It is delicious! My son says this may even get him to eat “rabbit food”! This is huge coming from the anti salad king! ;)

    • Amber says

      You could try cutting back on the oil (to maybe 2 or 3 Tablespoons) and cut a tomato in half, grate it (with a cheese grater), and discard the skin. I can’t vouch for how it tastes or if it will work well with this recipe though.

    • Amber says

      The mayo gives it that creamy color and texture to the dressing, but you may leave it out for a non-creamy Italian dressing.

  12. Shayla says

    Made this today–turned out perfectly! The other “copycat” recipes I’ve seen have an ingredient list a mile long. Thanks so much for sharing this simple one that is perfect!

  13. Felicia Davis says

  14. daniel says

    I have made this a few times now so good, I recently changed the vinegar to balsamic and its amazing worth a try to switch things up.

  15. says

    I made this for the first time a few weeks ago and now I make it all the time! Even my husband who is normally a strictly Ranch dressing guy will eat it. He loves Olive Garden salad!

    • Amber says

      I just put it into my fitness pal and with light mayo (best foods) it’s 130 calories per 2 Tbsp serving. With regular mayo it’s 133 calories per 2 Tbsp serving. The oil is where a lot of the calories are unfortunately, but this dressing is so good!

    • Amber says

      Hi Lisa, I’m not sure I understand your question. You can make this ahead of time and shake it up or stir it right before serving. I would not put it on a salad until you are ready to eat it though, or the lettuce will get soggy. I hope this answers your question.

  16. Dorothy says

    Thank you for posting this recipe. We don’t have an Olive Garden close to us so I make my husband drive an hour and a half to take me just for the salad. When I went to look to see if I could find a recipe yours came up first. I had all the ingredients at home to make it so I did and handed my husband a spoon and said just taste it, no questions he tasted it and said WOW! So glad I found this as we was planning a salad for dinner. Now we don’t have to drive so far to get my fix lol

    • Amber says

      Wow! This is an awesome story! So glad you can make this at home so you don’t have to drive so far! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Lisa says

    I made this dressing last night for our New Year’s Eve dinner salad, and it was a huge hit! Usually my son and grandchildren don’t eat all of their salad but every bit got eaten last night. Thanks for sharing:)

  18. Linny says

    You can buy Olive Garden Salad Dressing at Sam’s Club, 2 pack for only $6. So I am not sure there is any savings making it yourself, since you have to buy the Good Season dressing… It really does taste like Olive Gardens dressing tho.. My hubby is having salad with it dressed with your recipe right now :)

    • Amber says

      Yes, I noticed they started carrying it after I posted this recipe, but I still kind of like the homemade version. :) Glad you approve of the taste!

    • Nance says

      I have purchased the dressing from the restaurant itself and maybe it has to do with the processing involved, but the bottled dressing just didn’t stack up to what you get in the restaurant. I would be super shocked if what’s served in the restaurant is delivered rather than made, “in house.” I am looking forward to trying this recipe.

      • Amber says

        I haven’t bought the bottled dressing, but I’ll take your word for it! I hope you feel like this recipe compares to the fresh stuff!

  19. says

    My daughter made your OG dressing last night and I loved it! She sent me the Pin and I can’t wait to make it. Thanks so much! Now to look for your copycat soups….

  20. jean says

    I just made this dressing and it is delicious! I would make it again, but it did not taste like Olive Garden dressing. I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil so maybe that is why. I will make it with vegetable or canola next time. This comment is not made to be negative at all. The dressing was restaurant quality (made it in blender) I just didn’t think it tasted like Olive Garden’s.

    • Amber says

      Hi Jean, thanks for the feedback! Next time try using Vegetable or Canola oil and let me know what you think. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a very distinct and strong flavor compared to the the other oils. :)

  21. April says

    I’m trying this tomorrow! My husband loves their food, so I’m using your recipes to prepare Valentine’s Day dinner tomorrow. I’m excited and can’t to try the results!

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