Tres Leches Cake

Tres Leches Cake

Cinco de Mayo is coming up really soon (only 11 days away) and so I used that as the perfect excuse to make and share this Tres Leches Cake with you. Tres Leches Cake is a chiffon (light and spongy) cake that is soaked with three milks (evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and a little heavy cream.) It’s incredibly moist! Like dripping-ly moist and delicious!


I also have a funny story about chiffon cakes, but you will have to read it over at Carrian’s blog, since that is where I am sharing this recipe today. And if this milky cake wasn’t enough, just check out the whipped cream and fresh fruit on top; HEAVENLY! I hope you enjoy it!


Find the recipe HERE.


Tres Leches Cake


  1. says

    Dear Amber –
    I love you and hate you. SO MUCH. This looks amazing. It’s like you’re speaking to my soul through desserts. Is that even possible? Seriously, I’ve got like 5 of your recipes on the backburner that I’ve been DYING to try. Add this one to the list. YUM. Loves and Hates to you my babe!

  2. Becky W says

    Help — ‘m new at Pinterest and don’t know it I can get a quick answer this way….. I have never made a Tres Leches Cakes and I need one for tomorrow. Can I make it today? Wait till tomorrow? What is the earliest I can put the Whip Cream topping? I have to drive 35 min to get to where its going. I hope you can reply ASAP. Thanks

    • Amber says

      Hi Becky! You can make the cake today and let it soak up the milks really nice, but I would wait to make and add the whipped cream topping until just before you leave to where you are going tomorrow. Good luck and enjoy!

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